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We present our collection annually, with occasional developments each season. Always looking for differentiating products, which efically meet the customers' expectations.

Humana Collection

PART 01 / 2024

Rebel, the theme of part I of this collection, proposes a rebellion, not fueled by anger, but by compassion. In today's world, where greed prevails and has more power than empathy, Rebel envisions a society where compassion and unity reign, and justice and peace prevail, inviting us to be Rebels with a cause. To choose love, compassion and justice and to lead a positive and peaceful rebellion, driven by the choices we make every day!

Humana Collection

PART 02 / 2024

Part II of this collection features the themes "Light", "Iris" and "Serenity" with different inspirations but sharing with each other light and subdued tones, harmony, and serenity, seeking to create spaces where peace, well-being, and happiness live. In search of a connection with the summer season, for the joy, vitality, and sunlight that characterize it, with nature for the tranquillity it transmits, and above all with the home, considered to be our place of refuge, calm and tranquillity, the inspiration for Part II of the Humana Collection arose.